Left Bank Magazine presents The Blonde Artist Mgmt Showcase!
click poster for ticket link

click poster for ticket link

We are so proud to share our abundance of talent with you on one captivating and indelible night of music, dance, and peak performative opulence.

You'll get to see Blonde's pop roster, starting with reggaeton phenom, Goldilocks; next our Bama poet pop blue song-jay, Celeste Krishna; on to the PREMIERE of the Stanford Arts backed show 'Him to Them' by the vanguard of QPop themselves, M the Myth; and finally the finalé with, LQQK by José Rivera, Jr., which will leave you a bounty to dream about.

Get excited for this. Buy your tickets before they sell out!

If you know someone in the music industry who should be at this show DM us!

Rebecca Sansom