Actor and Print Model: Mesa Kronhaus (SAG eligible)

mesa new 2018.jpg

Mesa Kronhaus was born and raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she discovered her love of the stage. After high school, Mesa moved to Los Angeles to sharpen her skills as an actor and pursue a career in the television and film industry.

Mesa relishes any opportunity to work with other dedicated content creators, and is just as likely to be seen helping out behind the scenes as she is to be seen bringing characters to life in front of the camera. She works hard to foster lasting relationships with her peers in the industry and always appreciates the chance to collaborate on future projects.

Since moving to Los Angeles, she has taken on challenging roles such as Andrea in Backwards Car Films’ chilling short film, Ori, and is currently working every day to write and produce comedic original content across social media. Mesa is also booking for print modeling. 

Special skills: cry on command, stunt training, improv and stand up comedy

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