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Goldilocks became well-accustomed to the worldly cultures that breathe life into the streets of NY, because she grew up in Queens speaking almost exclusively Spanish. Hearing english and spanish lead to the biphonic upbringing that would give rise to the self-produced Latin-Urban artist. Goldilocks naturally blends the intense Latin flavor of NYC with an intuitive understanding of Americana to craft music that provokes compassion and appreciation for the many experiences life has to offer.   The result is a sound that turns Reggaeton and Latin Trap/HipHop into body-moving beats with undeniable allure.


Goldilocks is a multi-instrumentalist, who has been making music since childhood.  She can play the drums, keys, saxophone, and various folkloric instruments, as well as midi production, composition and scoring. Goldilocks is also hilarious. Follow her on instagram for endless entertainment @yesiamgoldilocks.


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Goldilocks logo-vector black.png