Mixes by 8x Grammy winning mixer, Elliot Scheiner

Newest Release: Van Morrison 11.8.19



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**Celeste produced "My Blue House" with Adele Fournet and recorded these premixes at Signal Corps studio in Dumbo Brooklyn with engineer Arun Pandian. The album is being mixed by 8-time Grammy winner, Elliot Scheiner.


Celeste Krishna is a Southern expressionist music artist, songwriter, and producer originally from Birmingham, Alabama based in Brooklyn, NY. She stirs a brew of poetic songs that have musical notes of Van Morrison, Lauryn Hill, and Björk.

 She is currently writing and recording a three-installation album series (“My Blue House,” “Blue Druids,” and “My Blue Path”), which is rooted in her personal color theory that explores existence, family history, and life story. The color blue is her spiritual center and has a deeply personal history. Her grandmother, aunt, cousins all share the name Celeste, which means “sky blue” in Romance languages. Each of the women in her maternal line has a celebratory reverence for the color blue and their own personal shade. When she married, she received the name “Krishna” - a God in the Hindu tradition often depicted as a musician with blue skin. Through all this, blue has become her guiding color - it is her name, her childhood, her family history, and her purpose. 

Leading up to her blue period, Celeste Krishna released her “Prelude Red” album in 2017, “a foot-tapping, body pulsing breakthrough record” (The Deli Magazine). Prior to her work as Celeste Krishna, she wrote and released 3 albums under the performing artist name, Monarchs. She has garnered considerable success including 10 million streams on Spotify and Pandora, and the 2018 sync placement of her song “Come On and Move Me” on NBC’s “Good Girls.” In her forthcoming “My Blue House,” Krishna hones her Alabama poet-pop sound. 

Celeste Krishna’s live show spans her body of work and features a majority female/queer-identifying band on a drum kit, synths, vocals, guitar, and electronic drum pads. Celeste has been described by fans as “a ferocious performer” and “Janis Joplin meets Bjork;” one fan said “seeing her play felt like a discovery - like seeing Lana Del Rey before she blew up.”


“The job … is to make it as specific as possible so that it becomes universal” - Susan Sarandan, actress

A house is your view.  Your singular experience.  The place you live. Everything you interact with - self, others, objects, structures - takes on meaning through the perspective of your house.  In “My Blue House,” I am representing the world as I relate to it. Each song is a room in the house that illustrates an aspect of my take on life, including intergenerational history, uncontrollable forces of blessing and trauma, and the power of self-agency.  

“My Blue House” is a pop/rock album with the soul of R&B.  The concept is inspired by my childhood place of safety and imagination - my grandmother’s blue house in Alabama, which was built by my maternal great-grandmother and childhood home to my mother and aunts.  This album represents my purpose in life: to make my house a home where I can grow, be an artist, and invite others in.

As a songwriter and artist, my goal is to create timeless recordings where each song’s arrangement, instrumentation, and performance reflects its lyrical expression. As a producer, my approach blends computer-based drum programming and synth arrangements with live performances by talented NYC musicians. I record to 2” tape through analog gear because I love the sound and feel of classic recordings.