Celeste Krishna is a Southern expressionist experimental pop artist from Birmingham, Alabama based in Brooklyn, New York.  In June 2017 she released her co-produced album, “Prelude Red,” “a foot-tapping, body pulsing breakthrough record,” according to The Deli Magazine. Celeste Krishna, a visionary singer songwriter, is currently writing and recording an albums series exploring her identity through the lens of her personal color theory in which blue is her spiritual center.  “Prelude Red” is the red precursor to a trilogy of blue albums, “My Blue House,” “Blue Druids,” and “My Blue Path” which illustrate her worldview, family history, and life story.  Prior to her work as Celeste Krishna, she wrote and released 3 albums under the performing artist name, Monarchs.  Her Monarchs’ records, “The Oak EP” (2008), “Those Words, Those Frames” (2009), and “The Rise and Fall” (2011) have garnered considerable success including 4.8 million plays on Pandora, 3.5 million streams on Spotify, and the 2018 sync placement of her song “Come On and Move Me” on NBC’s “Good Girls.”  In her forthcoming “My Blue House,” Krishna is blending the Southern rock sound of Monarchs with the “avant-indie-dance sound” of “Prelude Red”. Celeste’s live show spans her body of work and features a band of women on the drum kit, synths, vocals, and electronic drum pads. Celeste has been described by fans as “a ferocious performer” and “Janis Joplin meets Bjork;” one fan said “seeing her play felt like a discovery - like seeing Lana Del Rey before she blew up.”

Demo’s for Celeste’s upcoming album, My Blue House 

*These tracks should only be listened to by recepients of a private link from blonde artist management. If you got to this page without an invitation please contact rebecca@blondeam to request permission

**these are demos celeste recorded at her home studio, she will be re-recording them at a professional studio in the summer of 2019