M the Myth

M the Myth is a pop artist born in Fresno, CA and destined to perform. Created with both male and female energies, M the Myth is an androgynous, abundant expression of life. This being is intentional: they write, sing, and dance for joy.

The live show is highly stylized, rhythmic, and surreal. Bright costumes, dramatic wigs, and heartfelt movement bring an undeniable air of radiance to the stage. It isn’t always easy. M the Myth encounters resistance. It is only when they renounce their armor – the falsity of conformity, the comfort of stagnation – that they are truly free to be.

Their debut album This is M dropped in October 2015 alongside a striking video for the lead single, “LGDA”. This music is for you. Tap into M the Myth and experience your own divine: the vital love between us all.

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Rebecca SansomComment