Norma Jeane is Blonde's musette. As a child she was abandoned by her mother. It was at the local theatre that she found solace-connecting with the actors on the screen. They raised her. Through performance you can have any life you can imagine, she thought. Maybe it was that intense belief and the drive that comes from having to forge your own way that created Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn will always be an icon, but we believe if she had a support system, a family of other artists, and a team that always had her back, she would have lived past 36. She wouldn't have been taken advantage of by the studios, used, and ultimately destroyed. That's why we chose the name Blonde. In honor of all the artists who weren't well supported in their time, who gave all of themselves to entertain us. 

Thank you Norma Jean, Tupac, Amy, Kurt, Jimi, Janis, Jim, Michael, Biggie, Cory, Heath, Brittany, Philip, Princess Di, Whitney, Left Eye, and Selena-you're all still with us and this company is dedicated to your artistic legacy

Rebecca Sansom