The Myth of M.

3 billion years ago there was a Supernova that existed in the Galaxy, Andromeda. Swirling particles, glittering stars, and proud planets danced in the feral fray of space. This Supernova was known to be the most sensational intergalactic formation that ever existed and was fittingly named 'Ih' which means splendid spectacle. Ih was full of peace and loved meeting new comets, nebulas, and solar systems as she journeyed through time.  

Ih was marveling past a burst of stellar wind when she first encountered Ma. Ma was a complicated Type II Supernova who had recently turned into a Black Hole. Ih felt drawn to Ma and had to fight hard not to be pulled into his massive expanse. 

Though Ih was frightened by Ma, his mystic presence was captivating. Without thinking Ih yelled, "Take what you want from me!" 

Ma responded, "All that I ever knew was a part of you." 

That's all it took for Ih to let herself collide into Ma with an electrifying burst of energy that resulted in a thrilling new vibration, "IhMa"!  It sounded like "Emmmm" and it was an abundant expression of life, combining the peaceful radiance of maternal Ih and the commanding mysticism of Ma. M the Myth was born. And after traveling through time and space for billions of years, M the Myth has recently made contact with the Milky Way Galaxy and guess what? Shhhe loves it here!

Rebecca SansomComment