Angel Rose



Angel Rose is A British-American R&B singer-songwriter. She released her debut album "Footsteps", in 2017. Angel wrote the first song on the album When she was 15 and completed the project prior to graduating high school. Each song highlights a "footstep" on her journey through this period of her life. These songs take you along for a beautiful ride of courage, hope, and transformation.

Musical Style and Influences

her style consists of Contemporary R&B. Her sound is described kindred to R&B heartthrobs of the 90s as "powerful but sweet". With a stunning vocal ability which belies her years (She’s only 20 years old), Angel sings soulfully of relationships, identity, racism, independence, family, and mental health issues. Angel Rose names Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, and Alicia Keys as her biggest influences. 



Angel Rose was born in Chelsea, London. Raised by her two parents along with her younger sister Safie (born 2006), and the family lived in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where she attended Bousfield Primary School. Her father, Derek Goddard, is of Afro-West Indian descent, while her mother, Selima Sultane Guirey, Princess of Crimea, a descendant of Genghis Khan. Selima was classically trained in flute, piano, and guitar. She studied in universities Slade School of Fine Art and Chelsea School of Art. Derek Goddard, also a musician, (drummer and percussionist), has worked with many musicians including The Clash, The Raincoats, and Neneh Cherry. Through Derek's youth, he toured the world with Angel's Grandfather, Michael Goddard, (guitarist and vocalist) playing live acoustic jazz calypso. Both Angel's maternal uncles were professional musicians. She has fond memories of her family jamming out to her Grandfather's Calypso music at sunday dinner’s. 

Early Childhood

Angel says, "Music means more to me than just writing a catchy song, making it a huge hit or becoming rich and famous. It's given me freedom when feeling trapped. It's been therapeutic for me when I could not speak out." Angel's earliest memory performing was in 1st grade. She and her closest friends formed a girl group of 3.  Angel picked the songs and wrote her first song "Elephants In Danger" which they performed to their class. Angel has always had a passion for spreading awareness on "low- key" topics. The group was unable to continue due to her family moving to the United States.

Angel Rose moved from London to the U.S with her family at age 11. Her stage name Angel Rose comes from her obsession of drawing hearts with a halo and wings on school desks, notebooks, and homework in Middle School. She later added rose as the last name when she and her friend decided it would make a good fit. 

2017-Present Career Beginnings

Since releasing her debut album Footsteps Angel Rose has been guest starring with Reggae cover band, The Crucials, for a year while promoting herself on social media (IG: @Angels_finest, Youtube Channel: The Alijuans, FAcebook: Angel Rose). She is currently forming her own band and releasing more music.