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About Blonde Artist Management

Blonde has strategically grown my presence on social media, has booked me shows and interviews. They have also found me funding for my projects and have reached out to record labels and publishing companies on my behalf. Blonde is like a ferocious angel who is constantly cheering me on and who is always in my corner. I feel that they are a protective agency between my inner most desires as an artist and the entertainment industry.
— M the Myth

Blonde Artist Management is an artist-centric boutique company based in NYC. We are proud to represent mostly female identified artists and LGBTQ artists. Blonde was founded in 2015 by Rebecca Autumn Sansom and M when they realized they were passionate about creating a space for artists to be themselves while creating a successful career in the entertainment industry. Blonde is all about subverting the notion that you have to look or act a certain way to make it in this industry. In that way the name is a little ironic, we also love the name and branding behind Blonde, for that very reason.

Blonde was named for Norma Jean (aka Marilyn Monroe). We believe if she had had the kind of support and team of artists around her that Blonde provides, things would have turned out a lot better.

Blonde has an original vision meeting process that each artist goes through before being signed. It was developed to clarify structure and focus our artists goals. We are passionate about facilitating creativity while keeping our artists on target to achieve the most they can, become financially successful, and bring others joy through their creativity.

We are constantly thinking about how to make a career in the entertainment industry in a way that lives into our values of excellence, community, and respect. We take a holistic approach to artist development and believe each artist should be in emotional, physical, and spiritual shape before they break. If this ethos resonates with you please join our community by signing up for our newsletter and following us.


Rebecca Autumn Sansom thinks of herself as a creativity enabler. She believes in the power of a consciously evolving humanity and that music and art are going to shape our culture in an undeniably positive, timely, and necessary way.

The entertainment industry has always been in her blood. Growing up in Nashville, TN taught Rebecca the joys of living among artists. Her background in Broadcast Journalism and independent filmmaking has helped guide branding and design decisions for the artists she represents.

In 2018 Blonde brokered a sync licensing deal with NBC, booked two shows at NYC’s famed LGBTQ party, Hot Rabbit, and collaborated with DJ Whitney Day. In 2019, M the myth secured the Stanford Alumni Arts Grant for their upcoming show ‘Him to Them’; Angel Rose played Ithaca’s first Rootstock Festival, Celeste Krishna played the iconic dive bar, The Nick, in Birmingham, AL to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her album ‘Those Words, Those Frames’, José Rivera Jr. received the Artist in Residency appointment at Kickstarter HQ, Dr. Luke McKay spoke at The C2 Montreal conference and was featured in the Netflix documentary ‘The Most Unknown’, Elisa S. Keeler gained even more popularity with her Freeing Your Voice workshops, Goldilocks dropped so many singles that we lost count including Saab Story that was featured on a Spotify Editorial Playlist, and Mesa Kronhaus produced a Youtube video with Queer Eye’s Tan France and Youtube influencer Molly Burke.