Blonde has strategically grown my presence on social media, has booked me shows and interviews. They have also found me funding for my projects and have reached out to record labels and publishing companies on my behalf. Blonde is like a ferocious angel who is constantly cheering me on and who is always in my corner. I feel that they are a protective agency between my inner most desires as an artist and the entertainment industry. -M the Myth

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Rebecca Autumn Sansom

Thinks of herself as a creativity enabler. She believes in the power of music and art to move and shape culture in an undeniably positive way. The entertainment industry has always been in her blood. Growing up in Nashville, TN taught Rebecca the joys of living among artists. Her background in broadcast journalism and independent filmmaking has helped guide branding and design decisions for the artists she represents. In 2018 Blonde brokered a sync licensing deal with NBC, booked two shows at NYC’s famed LGBTQ party Hot Rabbit, and collaborated with DJ Whitney Day. Blonde Artist Management is an artist-centric boutique company based in upstate NY. We have a podcast on iTunes called The Blonde Artist Managment Podcast.