Electronic Press Kit 

Lo-fi, electro-tinged hip-hop beats to lead the rhythm. But it’s her voice that draws the waves in.
— Unrecorded
Celeste creates music that takes the ideas behind modern R&B and twists them through a series of synthetic filters and analog modulators.
Punchy beats and bubbling bass lines overlaid with vocal attitude.
— The Girls Are


Over 5 million song spins on Pandora

Over 1 million Spotify plays for her hit song 'Come on and Move Me' 


Celeste Krishna is a southern expressionist singer, songwriter, and producer currently based in New York City. Her body of work encompasses many genres.  She wrote and released her first three albums under the name Monarchs, an Alabama rock band project she founded in her hometown of Birmingham and later expanded into Austin, Texas.  A lover of hip hop and long time student of African dance, she then released an MC project, “ft. Celeste Mixtape” with accompanying dance-based visuals and performances.  Her most recent work, a full length album entitled, “Prelude Red”, is slated for release on May 15, 2017.  She co-produced the record in a sound she calls “lady drip hop” - a blend of soul songs with elegant electronics, thumping down tempo backbeats and folk melodies.  Her live show spans her body of work and currently features an ensemble of female musicians on drum kit, synths, guitars, vocals, percussion, and electronic drum pads.

New Album, Prelude Red, OUT NOW! 

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Celeste Krishna