We are now working with Hip Control!

We're taking on our first professional events band! And we couldn't be more excited for this challenge. 

Hip Control

Hip Control

Hip Control is a 10-piece wedding/event band with great energy and a very personal, fresh sound. This band is formed by talented musicians who have been active in the NYC musical scene for several years, and got to know one another through working together on various projects and international tours with top-knotch artists. They finally decided to team up and form a powerful, fun and innovative band that plays different styles and genres; from Latin music to rock, soul, funk, 70s, 80s & 90s classics as well as top 40 cover songs. This unique talent collective is comprised of a piano player, a guitarist, 3 incredible vocalists, a 3-piece horn section, and an excellent rhythm section. 

What makes Hip Control different from other bands? The diversity of its members coming from Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States results in an unparalleled combination of the most versatile and top of their field performers who love playing music together and seeing the dance floor come alive. Besides, there are no tracks or computers in this show; every note you hear is coming from a live instrument played by a real person. Seriously, this band will blow your mind playing any range of music, putting on the best party and getting those hips out of control! 


Big News! M the Myth has sailed away to start a new life in New York City!! Can you believe it? What a perfect place for our queer pop dance kween to reside! 

Celeste Krishna is heading to India to fill her soul with inspiration before returning to tour and release her latest album!! 

Mesa is continuing to slay auditions in LA. She will be launching her very own Youtube Channel soon! Stay tuned to become an even bigger fan of this amazing actress, we will do a big press push when the channel is up. 

Anna Walden has been auditioning for grad schools in Theatre and so far that is going well. Did you see this Dierks Bentley music video she is in?

Do we have potential new clients coming on board?? Stay tuned to find out! 

Remember that episode of Blonde Talk about Contests?

Well we finally got word that this Thursday is the day Guitar Center is going to reveal the top 5 finalists for their songwriting competition we spent so much time on this fall. Will M the Myth be one of the finalists?! 


Red One is going to announce the winner on Guitar Center's facebook page this Thursday 1.26.17. at 11am PST.

Tune in with us to see if our talented up and coming pop sensation will make the cut. 

NYC sure loved him at his debut on 1.8.17 at Leftfield on Ludlow. 

How can artists make art after tragedy?

Dear Blonde Fam,

This week has been hard. I wanted to write and let you know that I've been having a difficult time feeling inspired after the election. Today, I believe more than ever that focusing on our own inner strength will ensure that something like this never happens again.

Artists are so important in times like this

After 9/11 a lot of artists scrapped the projects they were working on. The context had changed and it was impossible to finish a piece that was inspired by a different world than the one we were left with after 2001. This feels the same. We were so close to the most symbolic sign of gender equality - a woman leader of the most powerful country in the world. To see him appointing so many white men to his cabinet feels like the patriarchy is only empowered to stay the same. What can we do?

We can each continue to make art, to collaborate more, to put more inspiring content out there. We have to. 

Don't forget to wear a safety pin today to show you're an ally.

Much love,




Celeste Krishna

It's official. Our artist Celeste has changed her stage name to Celeste Krishna! And we couldn't be more thrilled about the switch. We are proud to be a part of this fierce goddesses music career and are happy to announce new music and a beautiful new video will be coming out before her upcoming show at Rockwood in Brooklyn on Oct. 13th! Make sure to follow Blonde on Twitter @BlondeArtMgmt for the full scoop. 

Celeste Krishna

Help our artist M the Myth win a chance to appear on Jimmy Kimmel

We need watches and shares and follows to help our rock star pop icon, M the Myth win Guitar Center's latest Songwriting Competition. Help him get into the top 10! It won't take long and you know how hard we've been working towards a break like this. 

Simply go to this site and watch and share to give M the Myth points!


1st Newsletter!

Blonde Artist Management is proud to present our 1st Newsletter!

It took us a minute to collect enough news to be worthy of your time, but we are sure you'll be impressed with how much we've done in 2016! 
We were honored to sponsor a BENEFIT CONCERT FOR THE ORLANDO NIGHTCLUB SHOOTING VICTIMS, and raised 1.5K that ALL went to Equality Action Florida's Go Fund Me account. We chose them for their transparency, and they have been wonderful.

M THE MYTH, our amazing flagship pop artist turned into a natural community leader by securing 12 local bands, over $500.00 in in-kind donations for a raffle (with lots of help from Corrin Cruz, thanks girl!), stage managed the event (which stayed on time the whole night-also thanks to Maima!), was interviewed on the radio and TV multiple times, and still performed an amazing show! We were honored to have Silicon Valley Superstar, Michelle Packett, MC the event. 

Watch one of the news stories to get a sense of the success.

M the Myth still image from LGDA music video

M the Myth still image from LGDA music video

We also need mythical fairy dust for our tailor made charm letter we sent to Warner Music Group with M the Myth's new demo's. M the Myth will be playing at Summer Sweat in Fresno, CA on 8.27, releasing a new single 'Holding On' and shooting a music video this fall! 

Other BIG NEWS to share: We signed NYC based singer/songwriter Celeste. We are currently working on a branding campaign where she will change her stage name to, Celeste Krishna! If you haven't heard her yet, now is the time. We are thrilled to be working with such a talent. Her song 'Come On And Move Me' from her days as front-woman of her former band, Monarchs, has really picked up steam on Spotify with nearly 700,000 plays. Please add to it! Celeste is playing in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall on 10.13 at 11pm and will be releasing new music and video's this October, stay tuned!

Celeste Krishna

Celeste Krishna

Also, it is very important to increase our subscriber numbers so if you have a YouTube account it would mean A LOT to all of us at Blonde if you would subscribe to M the Myth and Celeste'saccount. Thanks! 

Now to our fabulous actors! Mesa Kronhaus was recently cast in a top notch ad for a very famous hotel chain, and WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT! She has been writing new material, and learning a lot from her involvement in the hugely successful comedy special featuring America's Got Talent's, Drew Lynch. You can see her acting in this demo reel by Blonde. 

We also made customized postcards with Mesa's details and a coffee card to send to LA based casting directors, and were thrilled with the response! 

We signed NYC based Stanford alum, and actor Anna Walden! She's incredible, and was cast as the lead in Victoria Mack's Steel Magnolias which finished it's run this summer. 

We are still collecting data since we are a start-up so if you are an artist, musician, writer, or actor please take a few and take the appropriate survey below:

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Norma Jeane is Blonde's musette. As a child she was abandoned by her mother. It was at the local theatre that she found solace-connecting with the actors on the screen. They raised her. Through performance you can have any life you can imagine, she thought. Maybe it was that intense belief and the drive that comes from having to forge your own way that created Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn will always be an icon, but we believe if she had a support system, a family of other artists, and a team that always had her back, she would have lived past 36. She wouldn't have been taken advantage of by the studios, used, and ultimately destroyed. That's why we chose the name Blonde. In honor of all the artists who weren't well supported in their time, who gave all of themselves to entertain us. 

Thank you Norma Jean, Tupac, Amy, Kurt, Jimi, Janis, Jim, Michael, Biggie, Cory, Heath, Brittany, Philip, Princess Di, Whitney, Left Eye, and Selena-you're all still with us and this company is dedicated to your artistic legacy